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addressMode - Variable in class jcuda.driver.CUDA_TEXTURE_DESC
Address modes
addressMode - Variable in class jcuda.runtime.cudaTextureDesc
Texture address mode for up to 3 dimensions
addressMode - Variable in class jcuda.runtime.textureReference
Specifies the addressing mode, that is how out-of-range texture coordinates are handled. addressMode is an array of size three whose first, second, and third elements specify the addressing mode for the first, second, and third texture coordinates, respectively; the addressing mode is equal to either cudaAddressModeClamp, in which case out-of-range texture coordinates are clamped to the valid range, or cudaAddressModeWrap, in which case out-of range texture coordinates are wrapped to the valid range; cudaAddressModeWrap is only supported for normalized texture coordinates;
align(int, int) - Static method in class jcuda.driver.JCudaDriver
This method was intended for a simpler kernel parameter setup in earlier CUDA versions, and should not be required any more. It may be removed in future releases.
array_array - Variable in class jcuda.runtime.cudaResourceDesc
array_hArray - Variable in class jcuda.driver.CUDA_RESOURCE_DESC
asyncEngineCount - Variable in class jcuda.runtime.cudaDeviceProp
1 when the device can concurrently copy memory between host and device while executing a kernel.