Package jcuda.utils

Utility classes for JCuda.


Class Summary
CommandLine Command line argument utility functions, similar to the CUTIL functions.
Compare Utility functions for comparing arrays.
Create Utility class for creating arrays containing random data.
FileIO File I/O functions, similar to the CUTIL file functions
KernelLauncher This is a utility class that simplifies the setup and launching of CUDA kernels using the JCuda Driver API.
Print Utility methods for creating formatted String representations of 1D- 2D- and 3D arrays
Timer Simple timer functionality, similar to the CUTIL timer functions

Package jcuda.utils Description

Utility classes for JCuda.

Package Specification

This package contains utility classes for JCuda. This includes helper classes that may be used for benchmarking, unit tests and simple file operations, as well as classes that simplify different JCuda programming tasks.